Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writing Ads For Safelists - Part 3 of 3

The last part of this series of posts wraps up with some important tips.

Don’t Forget This Part Of Your Ad!
This is a critical part of your email promotion and one that unfortunately often gets overlooked. Advertisers get so caught up with describing their product and telling everyone one how great it is, but they give no clear instructions as to what to do next. Someone may be interested in your offer, but how do they get it? Give them details on what action you what them to take next! It can be as simple as “Click here to purchase” or Complete the form below to subscribe”, but make sure you let them know what they need to do to complete the sale. Don’t lose out out on the interest of a potential client that doesn’t know how to obtain your services.

Email Service To Use
If you’ve never signed up for a safelist before you will see on the sign up form that there are 2 email addresses that must be confirmed. You must enter a contact email and a list email. The contact email will only be for admin messages which may equal a few emails a day.The list email on the other hand may get hundreds of emails per day depending how much you use the service. So you want to make sure you get an email account that can handle the capacity and will not have your safelist emails bouncing. For most safelists that alone can have your account terminated. Google mail is currently the recommended provider for list email accounts. You can sign up for free at
Keep Mailing!
Some people join a safelist, or other forms of advertising, and complain after a couple of mailings that they’re not getting any sales. You have to remember that with any form of advertising it’s a matter of consistency. If people in the safelist membership see your ad on a regular basis, even if it’s catchy, they may not look at it the first time or the second time. But maybe by the fourth or fifth time, they’ll check it out.

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