Sunday, November 6, 2011

Build Your Subscriber List, It's EASY!

You're probably tired of hearing that saying "The Money's In The List!" over and over. Because even though that phrase is thrown around often, seldom do you get any advice as to how to actually create this elusive mailing list.
A subscriber list is simply a bunch of people who have agreed to receive messages from you. This subscriber list is particularly effective if these are people that have purchased from you, have asked for information, such as a report, or used your advertising resources.

So start building your mailing list NOW! Click here to sign up for your free adboard, then upgrade after you login.
When you're ready to mail to your list as a free AdBoard member your list comes as a file for you to download, so you will need a mailer program to send your messages. You should also make sure they're compliant with spam laws.

If you upgrade to Pro Membership you can use the fast and easy System Mailer. This will send your messages out with remove links. All you need to do is type in your message and send! If your have a Classified AdBoard you can offer FREE Classified Ads and everyone that posts a free ad is AUTOMATICALLY added to your list! How easy is that??? You offer something every marketer needs anyway and you get what YOU NEED, which is a targeted list.

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant
Ebizz Free Ads


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