Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favorite List Builder

With marketing online sometimes it takes awhile to get a large enough list to promote your business to. Of course advertising is a numbers game and the more people you expose your product or service to, the better.

I found a List Builder Service that makes it really easy. Downline Builder Direct has some great features, particularly for Diamond Members. It's worth the low monthly fee for me to have an INSTANT list of 20,000 random members I  can email every 2 days! Plus the Auto Mailer where I can set and forget my ads while they get automatically mailed for me for 30 days!

There are even more services available for Diamond Members, but you can also join for FREE. Use this promo code once you sign in to get free mailing credits: 15000bonuscredits

Happy Advertising!
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Free Advertising, More Traffic

My TraffiCash is a FREE Viral List Builder and Traffic Getting Software Which Pays ALL Members Instant Commissions!

You also get $250.00 of free advertising just for signing up for a free membership.
Earn INSTANT commissions paid direcly to your PayPal account for every other sale you make even if you're a Free Member! It's FREE to join so sign up now!

Sondra Carpenter
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Totally Tweetable Is A Great Way to Market With Twitter

Totally Tweetable is a  cool new marketing system that combines social media service Twitter with email marketing.

Once you sign up you can blast your email ad to at least 200 members free. Once they view your ad they have the option of tweeting it to their Twitter followers. You can also upgrade to get your email ads out to more members and get lots more viral traffic through more people tweeting your messages. Check this out NOW, not sure how much longer the free membership will last!

Click here to

Sondra Carpenter
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Friday, November 11, 2011

Get Lots Of Twitter Followers FAST!

I've used a few twitter adder software programs but didn't always get the type of results I was looking for. Either I didn't get many targeted Twitter followers or I wasn't able to easily schedule tweets. I found out about Tweet Adder and have been using it for over a year now. I'm really happy with the results. It's very user friendly, has FULL automation so you can set it and forget it, plus they give you FREE software upgrades.

If you're serious about social media marketing on Twitter, Tweet Adder is a must have marketing and management tool.

Definitely check it out!

Sondra Carpenter
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Writing Ads For Safelists - Part 3 of 3

The last part of this series of posts wraps up with some important tips.

Don’t Forget This Part Of Your Ad!
This is a critical part of your email promotion and one that unfortunately often gets overlooked. Advertisers get so caught up with describing their product and telling everyone one how great it is, but they give no clear instructions as to what to do next. Someone may be interested in your offer, but how do they get it? Give them details on what action you what them to take next! It can be as simple as “Click here to purchase” or Complete the form below to subscribe”, but make sure you let them know what they need to do to complete the sale. Don’t lose out out on the interest of a potential client that doesn’t know how to obtain your services.

Email Service To Use
If you’ve never signed up for a safelist before you will see on the sign up form that there are 2 email addresses that must be confirmed. You must enter a contact email and a list email. The contact email will only be for admin messages which may equal a few emails a day.The list email on the other hand may get hundreds of emails per day depending how much you use the service. So you want to make sure you get an email account that can handle the capacity and will not have your safelist emails bouncing. For most safelists that alone can have your account terminated. Google mail is currently the recommended provider for list email accounts. You can sign up for free at
Keep Mailing!
Some people join a safelist, or other forms of advertising, and complain after a couple of mailings that they’re not getting any sales. You have to remember that with any form of advertising it’s a matter of consistency. If people in the safelist membership see your ad on a regular basis, even if it’s catchy, they may not look at it the first time or the second time. But maybe by the fourth or fifth time, they’ll check it out.

Hope you enjoyed this series. Feel free to comment on this post and thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant
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Writing Ads For Safelists - Part 2 of 3

This post will cover the mechanics of writing your ads.

Product Selection
As I mentioned in the last post, safelists cater to a particular market. What you want to do is offer a product or service in your mailing that this market has an interest in. Basically you want to offer web traffic building services or tools as well as products that help with list building. These are primarily what affiliate, Internet and network marketers are always looking for online. They are trying to keep up with what resources can give them a better return on their online ventures.

Another market that views ads in safelists are business opportunity seekers and those looking to make extra money online. If you have offerings of this type, then safelists can deliver a ready market for these services as well. If you can offer this type of products and promote them the right way through a safelist, you can very likely see positive results in your sales/subscription figures.

Email Ad Titles
Since safelist members are going through several ads at a time, the title of your email ad is critical. It needs to be catchy and give a member incentive to click, but it should NOT be overtly misleading. That is considered spamming. Below are example of titles you should NOT use for your ads:

Here are some examples of Misleading Subject Lines:

"Activate your account, please"
"Remove!!""Account cancelled"
"Your Account Has Been De-Activated"
"From Admin"
"Admin - Your Confirmation Required"
"Notification of Payment Received!!"
"Payment Notification"
"URGENT - You Must Confirm Your Free Position Now !"
"Your commission check"
"You've made another commission!"
"From Your Sponsor"
"I joined your downline"
"Activate your account, please"

What you want to create is some curiosity or desire to see what you actually
have to offer. A title like “Frustrated With Trying To Promote Your Business?” is more effective. Study good ad headlines that have attracted you in the past to get more ideas. Figure out a problem that people need to solve, then offer a solution!

Hint: Also be careful with the use of the word FREE as it can easily be flagged by spam filters and your message may not be delivered. Try mixing it up such as f^r^e^e or fr/e/e and also by not using all caps.

Writing Your Ad
Present your ad in an attractive format with lots of white space, easy to read fonts, and clear graphics or pictures. If HTML is available take advantage of it and make your ads stand out once a member has clicked on it. Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors since once it’s sent, it’s like any other email, it can’t be changed.

Create desire, tap into the reader's needs, illicit an emotional response. Maybe you can help them to earn extra money so they can pay bills or help them finally get more traffic to their website. Write in a conversational manner, as if you were talking to a friend. Most Internet promotions have a friendly, helpful tone. Don’t be too serious or clinical, but don't make over exaggerated claims either. Be realistic but tap into the reader's needs.

The final post in this series covers some final tips that you don't want to miss!

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing Ads For Safelists - Part 1 of 3

This is the first of a series of posts covering tips for writing safelist ads. Much of this information can also be applied to other forms of advertising such as text ad exchanges and classifieds.

Two Types Of Mailings
Once you join a safelist you can send one or both of two types of mailing, standard or credit based.

A standard mailing is one that goes out to the entire mailing list and usually you can send that once daily. That's great, but you may not get as much of a response as with the credit mailing.

With credit mailing most safelists give you credits once you sign up and they let you know how many credits you can use per day as well as per mailing. Although you will be sending your credit mailer out to fewer members of the safelist at any one time there is an advantage to using this. Credit mailers are set up so that when members view your ad they have an option to click on a link within your ad to obtain more credits. You can purchase credits also, but clicking on them in ads, you get them for free. You then have more credits to send your ads to more members.

Keep It Simple!
Different types of advertising methods cater to different markets. With safelists, they tend to cater to network/affiliate marketers and small businesses, as well as people looking to make money online. Keep in mind that this is your audience primarily, so you want to cater to their needs. If you can come up with a solution their problems, you have a perfect product or service for safelist advertising! Another tip, although you may promote several products, pick ONE or TWO to promote initially through the safelist and concentrate your efforts on those. As people see your ads consistently you are more likely to get targeted traffic to your site than diluting your promotions.

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant

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FREE Pro Membership at Safelist Pro! LIMITED TIME!

Send mail to over 5500 members, get 8000 credits on sign up. You can also set up banner and text ad campaigns. Very responsive safelist, check out this offer now, it's FREE!

Sondra Carpenter
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Send Unlimited Email Ads Daily!

Hot Spot Mailer is a Credit Mailing Service that allows you to send you email ads out continuously as long as you have credits available. Click on member ads to quickly gain random numbers of credits and once you hit a "HotSpot" which is an that gives you a minimum of 500 credits, you get to add that to the number of members you can mail to. You send your ad through their mailer so no spam complaints.

Very responsive list and you can join for FREE! I use this credit mailer 2-3 times daily! Easy to use, just sign up and click for credits, takes a few minutes, then post your ad to 100's or 1000's! Sign up NOW!

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Effective Email Advertising To THOUSANDS Per Week offers an effective Email Advertising service where paid members can receive targeted leads to their websites. They have lots of categories to choose from like Sports, Health, Finance and many more. You can receive literally 1000's of leads to your site every week. Click here to find out more and get your FREE Mailing Credits. | Free Opt-In Email System

Sondra Carpenter
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Monday, November 7, 2011

What Would You Like To See?

What would you like to see covered on this blog reagrding Internet Advertising? I'll be talking more about blogging, text ad exchanges and email marketing soon.

Leave comments below on topics you're interested in and we'll work on bringing you related tips and resources for helping you sucessfully promote your business online.

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant
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Ping Your Blog

If you are writing a blog to help promote your buiness, make sure you ping it after you add new content. Pinging services connect to social media sites to notify them that your blog has been updated ands helps generate traffic.

I use Ping-O-Matic, you can click here to check it out.

Feel free to comment below about ping services you use, we can share resources here.

Thanks for visiting!
Sondra Carpenter
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FREE Traffic To Your Site RIGHT NOW!

This service is great for getting REAL visitors to your site quickly for FREE! Once you sign up with LinkReferral you can post to the forum, review member sites to get backlinks and more. Click on the banner and check it out NOW!

Sondra Carpenter

free web site traffic and promotion

Best Way To Promote Your Affiliate Links

If you earn income through affiliate programs you know you need to use a cloaker when advertising. Most cloaking services are good at letting you know how many visitors came to your site. But if you're like me and want to know where your advertising is most effective, you want to also know where those visitors are coming from!

Ebiz Free Ads, which is affiliated with MyFreeAdboard, can help with that. Sign up for your own Classified AdBoard, then once you upgrade to Pro Membership you can get access to link tracking and detailed stats for each and every cloaked link you create. This will show date and time of hits, ip address and the referring url. This is a great to see where your hits are coming from and allows you to evaluate your advertising methods.

click here to sign up for your free adboard, then upgrade after you login.

To your success,
Sondra Carpenter
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Sunday, November 6, 2011

FREE Banner Ads With Viral Traffic

Real Viral Traffic at!

With vTraffic Rush you get FREE banner advertising plus viral traffic.

Once you are a member, add your own banner ad for a site you would like people to visit. Then promote your special page and your banner ad will be seen at the top. When others join under you, and they add their banner ad, your banner moves down to the 2nd spot on their special page! The more people you show your page to, the more people will join under you, the more pages your banner is seen on!

Sondra Carpenter

Build Your Subscriber List, It's EASY!

You're probably tired of hearing that saying "The Money's In The List!" over and over. Because even though that phrase is thrown around often, seldom do you get any advice as to how to actually create this elusive mailing list.
A subscriber list is simply a bunch of people who have agreed to receive messages from you. This subscriber list is particularly effective if these are people that have purchased from you, have asked for information, such as a report, or used your advertising resources.

So start building your mailing list NOW! Click here to sign up for your free adboard, then upgrade after you login.
When you're ready to mail to your list as a free AdBoard member your list comes as a file for you to download, so you will need a mailer program to send your messages. You should also make sure they're compliant with spam laws.

If you upgrade to Pro Membership you can use the fast and easy System Mailer. This will send your messages out with remove links. All you need to do is type in your message and send! If your have a Classified AdBoard you can offer FREE Classified Ads and everyone that posts a free ad is AUTOMATICALLY added to your list! How easy is that??? You offer something every marketer needs anyway and you get what YOU NEED, which is a targeted list.

Sondra Carpenter
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FREE Classified Ads, Post To Over 1400 Sites!

Make sure you visit our FREE Classified Ads Site, Ebizz Free Ads. Your ads go out to 1400+ sites on the classified ad network.

Classified ads are still great for promotion because you don't have to give visitors incentives to click. Targeted viewers will click on ads according to the category they're interested in. Click here to post your FREE ad!

Sondra Carpenter
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An Introduction

I've posted blogs off and on, but this one will be a main resource for people who want to learn more about Internet Advertising and Promotion.

I'm one one of those network technicians who connected your computer to the company's Internet backbone in the 90's, so I've been around technology for a minute or two. I've played around with everything from UNIX workstations (don't worry if you've never heard of those), to the first Apple PowerBook, to my current Toshiba laptop.

Been building websites for awhile as well and about 8 years ago started looking into earning money online. As a result I have a thing or two to share with people about online promotion, including things I've found that have worked for me and things that didn't.

The purpose of this blog:

* To share tips I've found useful on Internet Advertising
* Meet some new friends that I can learn from as well, I'm always open to new ideas!
Stop by again soon as I'll be posting here regularly.

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant
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Welcome to The Best Advertising Blog!

The Best Advertising Blog is the place to get ideas on how to promote your business or opportunity online.  There are lots of options out there and you'll find out which ones we've seen work.

Also lots of times an advertising method may work, but you'll need some tips on how to best use the service effectively. That's the type of information you'll find here as well. So stop by often, also feel free to comment on what you'd like to see offered here.

Thanks for visiting!

Sondra Carpenter
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