Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing Ads For Safelists - Part 1 of 3

This is the first of a series of posts covering tips for writing safelist ads. Much of this information can also be applied to other forms of advertising such as text ad exchanges and classifieds.

Two Types Of Mailings
Once you join a safelist you can send one or both of two types of mailing, standard or credit based.

A standard mailing is one that goes out to the entire mailing list and usually you can send that once daily. That's great, but you may not get as much of a response as with the credit mailing.

With credit mailing most safelists give you credits once you sign up and they let you know how many credits you can use per day as well as per mailing. Although you will be sending your credit mailer out to fewer members of the safelist at any one time there is an advantage to using this. Credit mailers are set up so that when members view your ad they have an option to click on a link within your ad to obtain more credits. You can purchase credits also, but clicking on them in ads, you get them for free. You then have more credits to send your ads to more members.

Keep It Simple!
Different types of advertising methods cater to different markets. With safelists, they tend to cater to network/affiliate marketers and small businesses, as well as people looking to make money online. Keep in mind that this is your audience primarily, so you want to cater to their needs. If you can come up with a solution their problems, you have a perfect product or service for safelist advertising! Another tip, although you may promote several products, pick ONE or TWO to promote initially through the safelist and concentrate your efforts on those. As people see your ads consistently you are more likely to get targeted traffic to your site than diluting your promotions.

Sondra Carpenter
Internet Advertising Consultant

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  1. I read your post and I learned something new about the F/r/e/e/... SEE! nice and great way to start a series.

    1. Very nice tips. I'm planning to finish your series by the way. Thanks