Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Bother To Use A Classified Ad Submission Service? - Part 2 Of 3

Another reason to use a Classified Ad Submission Service is to quickly reach lots of targeted prospects. Classified ads are viewed by visitors that are looking for specific products and services and are ready to buy. Often with other sites they may just be "window shopping" or simply looking for information.

You can manually post to classified ads, but as I mentioned in my previous post, that can be tedious. You can get massive traffic to your site using a Classified Ad Submission Service that submits your ad to 1000's of ad sites, search engines, forums and message boards. Obviously the more your ad is submitted the better your website ranking will be in the search engines. This also makes it easier for your customers to locate you.

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Sondra Carpenter
Internet Marketing Consultant


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